Learning About Taxes the Hard Way

When I was a kid, my parents were terrible at saving money so myself and my siblings weren’t taught to save  

We did have one person in our lives who tried to help - my grandmother on my mother's side. 

Grandma set up savings accounts for us when we were born. She gave us a small check on special occasions  meant for deposit only to help these accounts grow

Grandma's Help

Even with the small interest available at bank savings accounts, my money grew. I had nearly $800 saved up when I started working - which is a hefty sum for a 15 year old!

Money Grows!

My first job was working for my parents, delivering papers as an independent contractor.

My First Job

Did you know that with an independent contractor filing, taxes are not taken out of your paycheck, but you need to pay on your own?

Independent Contractors and Taxes

Ok, so maybe most of you already knew that. It's common knowledge for adults. But it's not for teenagers!

Common Knowledge for Adults