Leverage Credit Card Rewards Points for Giant Savings!

We all know credit cards are evil. They entice us with their ability to buy us things when we don’t have the cash, then proceed to suck us dry with ever-rising interest rates. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Credit cards can be our friends if we use them right. We have to learn to play the game. We can leverage credit card rewards points to get great deals! 

I went to Best Buy recently and bought a lovely Canon WIFI camera (priced at $279.99), a 64 GB memory card ($89.99), a gaming controller ($24.99), and a Bluetooth wireless speaker (39.99).

Getting Great Deals

That is nearly $400 worth of merchandise! And it only cost me $5.31

Total Cost

I was able to get all this fantastic gear for under six bucks by leveraging credit cards rewards points.

How So Cheap?

When used right, credit cards can give you amazing perks, like cash back, travel awards, and credits at your favorite stores

Leverage Credit Card Rewards Points

Be cautious though. The goal for companies is to make you stay in debt so you keep paying them interest your entire life. Follow the rules to successfully leverage rewards points

Be Careful!