Live a Rich Life: Here's How!

Living a rich life doesn’t mean being rich. Money is just a tool that helps us live a rich life  

This is where a lot of people get confused. Money does help, but it’s just the means, it isn’t the end. 

A rich life really is more about living a life worth living.  Here's how you can live a rich life even if you aren't rich! 

Add up your monthly/yearly costs to get an idea of how much money it takes for you to survive. This will give you a great starting point!

Determine How Much Money You Need

What in  your budget is a need? What are the things you really want out of life, and how much do those things cost? Where can you cut back to get what you want?

Identify needs and wants

Meditation has numerous physical and psychological benefits, all of which will help you live a rich life.


Write, paint, build, craft, cook! The sense of accomplishment you get from making something will help you live a rich life.


Do you remember that feeling of accomplishment that you had in school when it finally clicked and you understood the material? That’s the stuff that a rich life is made of, and you can recreate it anytime