Make a Junk Journal in 6 Easy Steps

A junk journal is a specific type made from scraps and recycled materials. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to using a junk journal. It can be a diary, art journal, notepad, task list, planner, scrapbook, keepsake, or anything else you decide. 

Here's how to make your junk journal from things you have around the house!

What are you going to use the journal for once it's created? The intended use will impact the materials you use

1. Know it's Purpose

It can be used as a scrapbook, diary, art journal, or for anything else you can think of!

Ways to Use Your Junk Journal

Now that you know your journals intended use, you can start collecting materials to build it.

2. Collect Materials

If you will use it for art, you may want to consider using poster board or heavier paper. Diaries need blank paper

Material Types

You will probably use every possible combination to craft unique pages while making your journal.

3. Create Your Pages