Make a Travel Checklist to Ease Your Travel Stress

Why a travel Checklist?

33% of people pack their bags only 24 hours before their trip - so it is easy to see why two-thirds of people overpack and one-third forgets something! 

How a travel checklist helps

A travel checklist will help you keep organized and ensure you are ready for whatever your adventure might throw at you. Here's what you should consider when making your list. 


International travel requires more planning than domestic travel, and shorter trips require less than longer trips

Travel Companions

Are you packing for yourself, or will you be packing for your children or family as well?  If it's a friend trip, can you all tackle different duties?

Length of Trip

The longer your trip, the more items you’ll need. Remember, the more days you’re away from home, the more variance there could be in the weather.  


Hotels usually provide shampoo, but if you're camping, you need to bring your own. If you're staying with friends or relatives, they may have extra items you can use. 

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