Make Money Gaming!

Here are all the great ways you can make an income playing video games!

1. There's an app for that         There are various apps that will pay you to play games! 

Earn Points by leveling up in your favorite mobile game 

Earn points by playing scratch off games!



2. Make Money Streaming!

Earn money by live streaming your favorite games

Facebook gaming is becoming huge Twitch competitor!



3. Play in Tournaments       Most esports games have tournaments where you can win big bucks!           

4. Make Gaming Content Online

Create walkthroughs, reviews, and game guides

Write your reviews and game guides in a blog!

Make videos of your walkthroughs and post them on YouTube



5. Careers in Gaming         Find a job in the gaming industry and turn your love of gaming into a career 

Create video games for a living!

Help developers debug and beta test the newest games


Game Developer

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