Snake Oil Didn’t Vanish – It Morphed! 

Snake Oil Salesmen of Yore tricked countless unsuspected customers into buying useless products. 

Though the wares have changed, the tactic remains.   Here are some of the new “snake oils” modern-day hucksters are pushing.  

It’s all still oil. Snake oil is out; essential oils are in.

Essential Oils

No magic pill will help you lose weight. Most weight loss supplements aren’t regulated and don’t have to work the way they claim to.

Weight Loss Supplement

Nearly every gas station has a grungy-looking stack of enhancement pills.

Male Enhancement Pills

The get-rich-quick schemes are ever-evolving, but the central concept remains the same: buy this program, and you, too, can be rich!

Get Rich Quick

They were all the rage a few years ago, but now they just seem scammy.