Morbid Travel: Tourists Flock To These Sinister Destinations

No matter how sunny and pleasant our outward dispositions may be, there’s no denying that most of us have a morbid side.  

This is highly apparent in the amount of visitors that morbid travel destinations get each year. Here are some of the top visited destinations that are on the darker side!

Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean that was the site of a huge volcanic eruption in 1995.

1. Montserrat

For the dark tourist, the city’s greatest attraction is its underground catacombs, which contain the remains of millions of Parisians.

2. Catacombs of Paris

It’s a fascinating trip back into a not-too-distant past, and the sight of an actual missile puts the history into perspective better than any words could.

3. Titan Missile Museum

Chernobyl tours are still being offered, but please, treat the site as you would any memorial or graveyard. 

4. Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

When the Chernobyl nuclear accident happened, the nearby town of Pripyat in northern Ukraine received the brunt of the initial damage.

5. Abandoned Pripyat