Mouthwatering Potato Tacos You'll Want To Add To Your Weekly Dinner Rotation

Tacos are incredible. The versatile treat allows you to combine nearly any ingredients into an easy-to-hold shell. 

However, many of us get stuck in the same old taco Tuesday rut, cooking ground beef with taco seasoning to make traditional tacos 

For a delicious twist on a classic recipe, switch your beef out with potatoes and enjoy delightful potato tacos. 

1. Dice your potatoes into small 1-2 cm cubes

Small diced potatoes are perfect for a nice crisp outside and soft but firm inside

2. Fry in oil with your favorite taco spices until golden brown

3. Cook your tortilla in oil in the frying pan

4. Don't forget to add your favorite fixings!

5. Add green pepper and onion to your potatoes for extra flavor

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