My Quest for a Real Gyro in Athens

Gyros are one of my favorite types of sandwiches. Ever since I’ve moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, I’ve been on a quest for a real gyro in the city.

I grew up in Chicago, and if there is one thing that Chicagoans do right, it’s food.

Nicky’s has one of the most amazing gyro’s I’ve ever tasted.

Chicago’s Amazing Gyro Sandwiches

When I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, I had no idea how difficult it would be to find a gyro even half as amazing.

A Quest for a Gyro in Los Angeles

Clearly, I have an obsession with gyros (known as souvlaki in Greece!), and I was going to their birthplace!

Visiting Greece

In Athens, there are numerous stands and fast-food restaurants where you can get a gyro-type sandwich.

The Perfect Gyro in Athens

I got my authentic Greek gyro sandwich, which astonishingly only cost about 4 euros.

The Perfect Gyro in Athens