Need Extra Money? Here's 40 Ways to Get it!

Do you need extra cash? There are ways to make money on the side that are both fun and lucrative. 

All you need to make extra money is an open mind, motivation, grit, and determination to use your creativity and skills you may already have or can grow. 

Here are 40 ideas for making extra money outside of your day job!

You can drive for ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. You can make $100 a day for a six-hour shift, though if you hustle (safely), your pay can go to $500 a day.

Drive For Uber or Lyft

This type of marketing has been around since 1993, Wrap advertising companies calculate your typical driving routes. The denser the traffic, the more you earn.

Wrap Advertisements On Your Car

In combination with the ride-sharing companies, or on your own, you can participate in delivering prepared meals, groceries, or other things while you are on your way to a destination.

Food/Groceries Delivery Service

You can get paid for delivering packages that are already on your way to the other side of town, a different city, or across the country by becoming a Roadie.

Become A Roadie

Do you like to cook? Hiring a chef may be for varying purposes such as nutrition, elderly or ill, parties, or in-home eating for busy people. Hourly rates are about $30-$40 per hour.

Hire A Chef