Never Enjoy Anything Ever!!

If you’re trying to pay off debt, or just trying to get your financial house in order, there’s one piece of advice that will pop up over and over again from the “financial gurus”. That advice boils down to never enjoy anything ever. 

Want to treat yourself to a coffee? Better not if you’re in debt! That two bucks could have gone to your credit card payment! Had a long day and don’t feel like making dinner? Clearly that one dinner out is the reason that you are poor. 

What the "never enjoy anything ever" folks get wrong

This mentality comes from a place of privilege and a gross misunderstanding of human nature.  

It is incredibly easy to sacrifice a night out or a tasty treat when you have money. It's easier to sacrifice when you know that if you really wanted it, you could just get it tomorrow or next week. 

People trapped in poverty don’t have that peace of mind. If they don’t treat themselves today, they may not be able to treat themselves again for a few weeks or months 

Never enjoy anything ever is not realistic advice for the middle class trying to dig themselves out of debt or get their financial lives on track either. People aren’t machines. We need some treats and basic comforts every now and again. 

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