16 Declutter Tips

For Your Kitchen!

An Organized Kitchen...

Any cook knows that a well-organized kitchen is a key to a successful meal 

A Constant Battle

Do you feel like you are constantly fighting a losing battle against the clutter in your kitchen? 

Get Organized!

Here are 16 kitchen organization ideas to help you declutter and streamline your space: 

Storage Containers

This will help you declutter your counters and give you a place to store things like snacks, cereals, and other dry goods 

Label Everything

This will help you know where everything is supposed to go and make it easier to put things away 

Use Drawer Dividers

These help you to compartmentalize your kitchen items so that everything has its own place  

Install Shelves

Kitchen shelves can be used to store everything from pots and pans to spices and small appliances.  

Use a Utensil Holder 

A utensil holder provides a convenient place to store all your cooking tools 

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