Parenting Fails! Messed Up Things Our Parents Thought Was Okay

Kids have limited worldviews. We take our parent’s actions and advice at face value, believing it’s normal stuff that everyone does.  

Here are some messed up things parents did that the kids thought were normal at the time. 

A shocking number of users responded with anecdotes about their grandma’s special “medicines”

One user shared they thought it was expected to tiptoe around other people’s emotional outbursts.

Some parents treat their children with cruelty and disdain, insulting them and calling them horrible names.

Kids may appreciate loads of freedom, but  realize what they thought was “freedom” actually bordered on neglect.

Young girls are particularly susceptible to believing it’s normal to date adult men while still a child. 

One user thought it was customary to fend for yourself in kindergarten. 

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