Pay Yourself First

“Pay yourself first” is one of the first pieces of advice you will hear here from pretty much any financial advisor or finance blogger. It almost doesn’t even need to be said. 

Almost.  Unfortunately, most people in the United States don’t follow this tried and true advice. 

According to a recent survey of Consumer Finances published by Business Insider, the median amount in an American’s savings account is only about five thousand dollars.  

You should pay yourself first because future you will thank yourself! Future you will be able to live comfortably in retirement.

Why Should I Pay Myself First?

You should pay yourself first because you want to be secure and comfortable in the future. It may take some sacrifice now, but even saving a little bit today can pay off significantly in years to come.

Future You Wants Security

Paying yourself first means setting a portion of your paycheck aside for future you before paying your bills and buying stuff.

What does paying yourself mean?

Many people pay all of their bills and buy all of their wants first and then decide if they should save something from the (usually) paltry leftovers.

Yes - Before Bills!

Before saying you can’t, investigate your budget and make sure that you don’t have any fat you can cut. Most people have at least a little fat they can trim

Don't Say You Can't