People Share their Proudest Frugal Moments

Saving money isn’t easy. It's a challenge for  most of us. 

When we make a choice that saves us tons of money, we should celebrate!   

Here users share some of the frugal wins they're most proud of


So Many Miles

One user said they had their car for 14 years and 300,000 miles 



One Redditor switched to cycling, saying it saved them a ton of money while improving their quality of life.  


Marry the Right Person

If you marry someone on the same page regarding spending, saving, and life goals, your life will be far easier.  


Cut Your Own Hair

“I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve learned to cut and bleach my own hair,” stated one user 


Trade Rent for Service

A clever user said their proudest frugal moment saved them thousands of dollars in rent money over the long haul. 

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