Planning a Trip to Hawaii? Here's the Best Time To Go!

Visiting a tropical island is nothing short of a trip to paradise. Knowing the best time to visit Hawaii can make a great vacation even better! 

Depending on your goals, some months are better than others for great weather, fewer crowds, and finding the cheapest flights and hotels. 

Hawaii is the least crowded during the shoulder seasons. That includes April-May for spring and September-October for fall.

The Best Time to Avoid Crowds

A week in paradise isn’t the same without copious amounts of sunshine, and some months are better for this than others. March through September see the highest temperatures with the least amount of rain.

The Best Weather

Is whale-watching on your bucket list? You’ll want to book your stay between November and May.

Best Time For Whale Watching

Surfers worldwide gather in Hawaii each year to catch the big waves. November through February is the season for this.

The Best Time for Surfing in Hawaii

The best time of year to visit Hawaii for some vacationers means scoring the best deals on airfare and hotels. In 2019 Skyscanner reported January and September to be the cheapest times to fly to Hawaii.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Hawaii