Portugal vs. Turkey: Which Should You Visit?

Portugal vs. Turkey

If you're planning an epic vacation to a Mediterranean Climate with wonderful food and culture, both Portugal and Turkey are great options


Portugal is every traveler’s dream besides being one of the shortest flights you can take from North America to Europe. 


Pre-pandemic, Turkey was the 6th most visited country on Earth, with over 50 million tourist arrivals. 

Entry Requirements

You do not need a visa to enter Portugal if you are a U.S. citizen. Turkey requires a tourist visa for American citizens.  


The weather in Portugal is moderate all year long. Turkey is a much larger country with climate patterns varying considerably across regions. In general, summers are hot and sunny 

Major Cities

Tukey boasts Istanbul and Cappadocia while Portugal has Porto and Lisbon


A cultural bonanza of colonial architecture, magnificent monuments, and delicious food welcome you wherever you go in Portugal or Turkey

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