A Market Crash is Coming

Are you prepared for it?

markets have been rising continually for over 10 years. But this month, tons of companies are reporting losses. 

And not to be all Doom and Gloom, but that doesn't bode well

A correction is coming

And that's not being a doomsayer. It's being realistic

Nothing can go up forever

So the question is:

Are you prepared for a correction?

Review your Portfolio

Make sure any individual stocks you have are solid and can weather a financial crisis. 

here are some things you can do to get ready

Switch to Index FUnds

If you have risky investments, switch to invest funds. Yes, they will still lose value in a downturn, but odds are they won't get defunded


*remember that no investment is risk free!

Emergency Fund

Market crashes cause ripple affects throughout the economy. Jobs are lost. Make sure you have a substantial emergency fund so you can weather any storm

Solidify your 

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