Use Smart Goals to Achieve Your Dreams

Why is goal setting important?

It’s important to set goals because they give  you motivation to work for the things that you want. Goals help you stay organized and productive. 

How to you Identify Personal Goals?

identifying your personal goals doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is decide what you want, and make a plan to get it. Your goals should be little steps along the way that are easy to accomplish. 

Setting Goals You will Slay

Here are some different types of goals you can set, and how to make sure you set goals you can actually accomplish! --------->


Setting SMART goals helps you set realistic goals that are actually attainable.   

Process Goals

Process goals are the easiest goals to achieve because we have the most control over them. The goal is to do something, whether it be work out three times a week, or transfer money to savings once a week. 

Performance Goal

A performance goal is a standard that you want to achieve. Your performance goal might be something like “save 5K by the end of the year” or "be able to run a mile in under 10 minutes"

Outcome Goal

Your outcome goal is the end result. Maybe you want to increases your net worth by 10%, or qualify for a track team. These are harder to achieve because they aren't entirely in your control. 

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