Reasons for Being Childfree

One of the first things I had to consider when I was changing my mind about having kids is why I was childfree in the first place.

It took a lot of soul searching and introspection, but I think I know at least part of the answer.

I had a decent childhood. However, one thing that I will never forget is my father drilling into me (and my siblings!) the idea that having kids would ruin our lives.

My Father

It wasn’t just my parents who had their lives disrupted by having children. Some of my family members and high school friends had kids at fairly young ages as well.

Other Family and Friends

It’s impossible to ignore the effects that childbirth and childrearing can have on the female body.

The Physical Toll

Support Each Other

It’s wonderful to have a supportive partner that you can lean on when you are feeling overwhelmed. I had a rough few days after getting back from Georgia.

On Disliking Children

My final reason for being childfree is something that I really had to give a lot of thought to.  I really didn’t like most kids.