Save More Money: 51 Ways to Save Without Feeling Deprived

Saving money Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Saving money is not inherently difficult. The hardest part is finding new or creative ways to save money and then acting on them. 

How to Save Money

Here are over 50 tips on how to save money on a variety of different things: from necessities like transportation and housing to fun things like entertainment and travel!

Save on Cars

save money on your car payment by researching your car needs, negotiating before you buy, or buying used. 


Save money on groceries by planning your meals, using a cash back app, buying in bulk, and avoiding food waste


save money on your house by refinancing your mortgage, paying enough to avoid a PMI, and doing DIY repairs whenever possible. 


Save money on getting away by being flexible with your dates, using a rewards card to pay your travel expenses, or even renting your home out while you're away. 

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Swipe up for more ways to save money!