Save More Money with these Realistic Tips Anyone Can Use

The problem with most money saving tips is that most  aren’t very easy or convenient. 

For example, one of the most widely touted money saving tips is to downgrade your cell phone. That's not very realistic. It’s easier to apply for jobs and follow up if you have access to your email on your cell phone. 

Instead, here’s a list of money saving tips you can do that are way easier and way more realistic (for the most part) 

Most generic products are exactly the same as their name-brand counterparts. I can buy brand-name corn flakes for $4, or I can buy the store brand for 99 cents. They taste the same.

1. Buy Generic 

Yes, baby carrots are more convenient. But a bag of regular carrots is only a dollar. And fresh carrots taste better too.

2. Chop Your Own Veggies

You can save up to $50 a week by simply taking a sandwich to work for lunch rather than eating out. That's a huge amount of savings over time.

3. Brown Bag Your Lunch

Pop (or soda) is delicious.  It’s cold, it’s refreshing, but it really isn’t necessary. It stealthy empties your wallet, and it's pretty bad for you as well.

4. Give up pop