Should You Write for Hubpages?

Do you want to make money writing? 

Many choose to write ebooks or freelance to make money from their writing.  Others pay to host their own blogs, hoping to make money blogging

Most people don’t realize there is an in-between option, a way to write online and make money that isn’t a blog. That’s writing for Hubpages. 

Hubpages is a massive blogging website and community. The platform is a cross between blogging on free platforms and hosting yourself.

What is Hubpages?

There’s also a social aspect to it. If you find writers that you enjoy, you can follow them on Hubpages, and their latest articles (or Hubs, as they are called) appear on your feed.

Hubpages is Social

Yes. Hubpages is affiliated with two major programs that allow you to make money writing: Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

Can I Make Money With Hubpages?

Hubpages also has its own ad program, which is easier to set up than anything else. The Hubpages ad program is where I’ve made the bulk of my (paltry, to be fair) earnings on Hubpages. 

Making Money With Hubpages 

Hubpage's in-house ad program is very similar to AdSense and amazon's affiliates  in that it pays you out only after you earn $50.

How Do You Get Paid?