Spending Money on What You Love

There is too much drama over spending money. Obviously, we need to spend to pay for necessities, but many in the finance world will make you believe that you shouldn’t spend any money outside of that 

It’s time to retire this myth. Spending money is not a bad thing, when it enhances your life. 

Here's what to consider when deciding to spend money on the things you love!

People often confuse things that bring temporary contentment and things that bring a certain image with things that will enhance their lives.

What Enhances Your Life?

Finding something that you love that brings value to your life. I don’t care if it’s games, books, art supplies, crafting materials, travel, fine dining, or anything else

What Brings You Joy?

You probably shouldn’t spend all of your extra money on things that bring you happiness. It’s important to save in an emergency fund and a retirement fund so that you have financial security and peace of mind


Align your budget with your values. Make sure your bills are paid, but allocate money for the things you love


Stop impulse buying, stick to your budget, and only spend money on things that you know will bring you joy

Spend Intentionally