Spring Months: Here's How To Enjoy Each Month of Spring

Spring is in the air. The spring months are a great time to examine your life and space and make any necessary changes.  

It’s also an excellent time to get outside and experience some glorious springtime activities! 

Spring spans from around March 20 through June 20th, making March, April, May and June the spring months

What Months are Spring Months?

The weather varies widely from March-June, so the best spring activities vary by month. Here's what you should do each month

What's the Best Thing To Do in Spring?

March is an ideal month for spring cleaning. Get rid of what you don't need while it's still cold outside, and get ready for the warm season to come!


April is a month of celebration! Many spring holidays occur in April, so be sure to celebrate. It's also a great time to plant your garden.


May is the perfect month for a picnic. Head out to a grassy meadow and enjoy the wildflowers in bloom.