Streamlabs Promises Changes in Wake of Legal and Technical Issues: Is it Enough?

Streamlabs, a software development company with a focus on broadcasting and live streaming, is facing a litany of problems that might affect streamers.  

Steamers who use the platform need to consider the future of the company and make plans to protect themselves if things go south for Streamlabs. 

Streamlabs is a software company that provides streamers broadcasting solutions.

What Is Streamlabs?

Many users are reporting problems with Streamlabs, from lags to frame drops.

What Problems are Users Having with Streamlabs?

Streamlabs has been accused of copyright infringement by both OBS and Lightstream. On November 16th, both OBS and Lightstream tweeted that Streamlabs had copied their intellectual property.

Streamlabs Accused of Copyright Infringement

Public support is a powerful tool. After being called out by their biggest support, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane, Streamlabs decided to rebrand their SLOBS offering.

Streamlabs Caves to Pressure and Agrees to Rebrand

It appears that the two companies have found a path forward that will benefit both and the streamers that they each hope to support. 

Streamlabs and OBS Working Together to Move Forward