Subtle Warning Signs of an Awful Person

If only bad people held up glaring neon signs declaring they were up to no good 

Unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way, so we have to watch for small signs someone might be up to no good

Here are subtle warning signs to watch out for that someon'es actually a bad person. 

Have you ever met someone who leaves you feeling bad after an interaction, no matter what?

Gut Feeling

People who tell small lies about small things probably can’t be trusted to tell the truth about big things. 

Small Lies

If someone is willing to share secrets with you, they’re likely willing to share your secrets with others. 

Spilling Secret

Some folks will pretend to be your friend to get insider information to later use against you.

Using Things Against You

Watching someone shift from kind to uncaring in seconds when they don’t get what they want clearly indicates they aren’t a good person. 

Selective Kindness