Top 10 Reasons Success is the best revenge

Success is the best revenge is a saying that helps us realize that vengeance typically isn’t the answer. 

Although vengeance may help us feel better in the short term, the ecstasy is fleeting. Most people don’t actually want to cause another harm 

The better plan is to live a life bursting with joy and fulfillment. Here's Why!


Success is Great!

Whatever your definition of success, pursuing it is a noble goal, regardless of your motives. 


You Won’t Get into Trouble

Some of our fantastical ideas of vengeance may toe the line against what’s legal. 


They Aren’t Worth it

Stop spending time and energy on something that’s not a part of your path. 


Rejection Can Be Motivating

Brush up on your skills, get certifications, and make yourself indispensable in your industry. 


Something to Prove to Me

Instead of seeking vengeance, prove to yourself that you can do it, that you are worth it, and that you deserve better.  

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