Take a Free Tour of America's Oldest Brewery: Yuengling

Dark tunnels, old tricking springs, the smell of yeast in the air…and free samples? The Yuengling Brewery tour has it all! 

Yuengling embraces its position as one of the most iconic companies in the United States and offers tours of the old brewhouse. And the best part – they are absolutely free.

Yuengling Brewery Tour

While you’re waiting for your tour, you can browse the gift shop and museum.

Before Your Tour

When the guide announces that the tour is about to start, it’s time to head to the front of the building in the waiting area.

Starting Your Tour

The most iconic part of the tour, and probably why most people go, is the underground tunnels.

The Yuengling Brewery Tunnel

After the tunnels, we went up the stairs and wandered through hallways filled with Yuengling imagery.

Continuing on The Tour