10 Great Beaches  In Alabama!

Nothing soothes the soul like a day by the ocean, and Alabama beaches deliver just that 

The warm waters of the gulf and soft white sand make the beaches of Alabama a prime location for laid-back beach lovers. 

Here are the top beaches to visit in Alabama for your next getaway!


Gulf Shores

Alabama’s iconic seaside location has long stretches of sandy surroundings, a vibrant beach community, abundant amenities, and a soothing coastal horizon ) 


Orange Beach

With over eight miles of white sand beaches, guests can play golf, rent a bicycle, go kayaking, or take a walk if they get too bored lounging on the beach. 


Romar Beach

Romar Beach is the perfect beach if you want to lay low and escape the crowds 


Gulf State Park

There are 28 miles of trails, 2 miles of beaches, and 900 acres within Lake Shelby to paddle or swim in. 


Cotton Bayou Beach

Indulgent scenery is what makes this beach so unique. You can do anything you want in the majestic landscape, from surfing to fishing to tanning 

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