The 12 Best ELearning Platforms for Adult

There are tons of elearning platforms with a variety of different course options available for adults to further their education 

Whether you are looking to enhance your professional abilities, start a side hustle, learn a new skill, or just gain some knowledge for your own personal development, there is an online learning platform to meet your needs. 

Here are the best Elearning platforms for adults looking to increase their skills!


Emeritus is the place to go if you need an online certification program. They have programs in tons of different areas, from data science to leadership and even finance! 


Coursera is one of the leaders in ELearning, and it’s easy to see why. They partner with a wide array of accredited universities  and have a plethora of online course offerings, from creative writing to special relativity. 

Edx has a wide variety of online programs, most of which are designed to help you advance your career. They have an interesting option that they call the micro bachelor’s program, and a micro master’s program to match 

Linkedin Learning is one of the best places to learn “soft” skills and random business skills. The courses are generally short and to the point. 

Linkedin Learning  

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