But television is as alive as ever!

Cable is Dying

The way we watch tv has shifted. Cable companies no longer have a monopoly on great content

Streaming Services are where it's at! Here are some of the best cable alternatives that won't make you feel like you're missing out!

Streaming Services

The Big 3



Amazon Prime

Everyone knows these big 3 alternatives to cable

But there are so many more cable alternative out there! Some offer live tv, while others are very niche. There's a streaming service that meets your needs! Here's a sample ---->

So many More!

Sling TV

Sling TV offers basic program channels for a lower cost than most cable companies. They don't offer a lot of frills, but it's a great option for basic cable

Are you into documentaries? Curiosity Stream is a streaming service dedicated to them! And it's only twenty bucks a year!

curiousity Stream

DAZN (Da Zone)

DAZN is the best option if you want to watch all the fights! This streaming service is dedicated to boxing. 

Many networks are experimenting with their own streaming services. They offer all-access plans for their content

All Access Plans

Swipe Up!

For more 12 more awesome ways to watch tv without cable! There are more options for education, niche channels, and basic cable!