The 40 Best Things to Do in California – An Ultimate Guide to the Golden State!

California is an amazing state. There are so many things to see, ecosystems to explore.

Here are the best things to do in California, from someone who made it a point to see it all! 

Temecula is a gorgeous little town just to the East of San Diego.  emecula revolves around the SoCal wine industry, and the town is nestled in between a ton of local wineries.

1. Wine Tasting Temecula

San Diego Zoo is a marvel of animal welfare and conservation. It’s one of the best zoos in the country.

2. San Diego Zoo

This 1800-acre park is the best way to see wild animals in their natural environments.

3. San Diego Safari Park

Small microbrews are all the rage, and you wouldn’t think that San Diego is at the leading edge of that trend.

4. San Diego Brewery Hopping

This park is home to giant metal sculptures of dragons, scorpions, bugs, and dinosaurs.

5. See the Metal Sculptures at Anza Borrego