The 80/20 Rule: What it is and How To Use it!

Legend has it that Italian engineer Vilfredo Pareto noticed something peculiar about the peas growing in his garden. Vilfredo recognized that approximately 20% of his pea plants were yielding 80% of the pea crop 

He realized that this rule could be applied to all aspects of life, and it’s now considered the Pareto Rule, or what you might call – The 80/20 Rule. 

The 80-20 rule states that 80% of your outcomes (outputs) come from 20% of causes (inputs). Using the pea example, 80% of the peas eaten from the garden came from 20% of the plants.

What's the 80/20 Rule?

– 80% of car accidents are the result of 20% of driver – 80% of worker productivity is completed by 20% of your staff – 80% of your business revenue will come from 20% of your client

Examples of the 80/20 Rule

– Time management – Efficiency & productivity – Self-development – Fixing financial issue – Leadership

Benefits of Using the 80/20 Rule

You can apply the 80/20 rule to anything in your life. It can help you make more money, get in shape, or get more done

How to Apply the 80/20 Rule in your Life

– Spend 80% of your time on your top 20% priorities – Figure out what 20% of possessions give you 80% of the most happiness, get rid of the rest

Change Your Habits with the 80/20 Rule