The Abysmal State of America’s Sick Leave Policies

The lack of structured sick leave policies in the United States leads to a dangerous underbelly of infection. 

When only the privileged can afford to be sick, disease spreads, productivity decreases, and the overall wellness of our nation suffers. 

Being Sick is a Privilege

Being sick is a privilege in the United States that most Americans can’t afford. 

Many people can't take time off work if they're sick, can't afford to see a doctor, and can't stay home with sick kids

The United States is one of only two of the 34 OECD countries that doesn’t mandate  paid time off for its workers 

Paid Leave

Only 57% of the workers in the bottom 25 percentile of wages get paid sick time. The number drops to 40% at the bottom 10th percentile.  

No Time Off

People who should be home in bed get themselves up and go to work because they can’t afford not to 

Going to Work Sick

Many send their children to school with colds because they can’t afford to take a day off to care for the sick kids 

Schools = Germ Factories

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