The Best Gaming Laptops for 2022

Gaming Laptop Versus Desktop

First you have to decide whether you want a desktop or a laptop. Laptops are portable and offer greater flexibility, but desktops offer custom builds and are usually cheaper (for similar set ups)

The Best Gaming Laptops for 2022

Gaming Laptop

Here are the best options if you're heart is set on a laptop. We have great overall laptops, budget laptops, and even laptops with streamers in mind. 

A Note on Gaming Laptops

Keep in mind that gaming laptops tend to be more expensive than normal laptops. This is because they need better graphics cards and more memory to run games. Cheaper gaming laptops may not run all the programs that you want them to run. 

The Best Overall Gaming Laptop

The Razer Blade 14 is one of the best overall gaming laptops. It weighs a little less than 4lbs, making it portable, and has up to 1TB storage and 16GB of RAM 

The Best Gaming Laptop for Streamers

Streamers need more power to run both their games, streaming software, and even video editing software in some cases. The MSI GS 66 Stealth Pro and Razor Blade 15 are both ideal options for streamers. 

The Cheapest Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops aren't something you want to cheap out on. Many cheap models won't play all of the games you want them to play. Be sure to check the specifications for any game and make sure the cheap laptop will run it. 

Can Cheap Laptops Run Games?

The cheapest laptops available generally won’t run most PC games. However, each game has unique needs, and each PC is different. Most cheap laptops can run elementary games, like your basic solitaire, or small bandwidth games that are primarily online, like Among Us. 

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop

HP Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0046nr 

If you need to go cheap, check out the HP Gaming pavilion 15. It should be capable of running most games (albeit slowly) if you close all the other programs

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