The Best Road Trip Gear for 2022

Road Trip!

Road trips are rewarding and challenging experiences. However, there's a lot to plan for before you head out!

Road Trip Planning

The first step in preparing for a road trip is finding your why. Why are you hitting the road? What do you hope to see and do? 

Road Trip Gear

The next step is choosing and packing your gear. Here's what you should bring on a road trip to make it epic!

Travel Camera

Capturing the road trip memories is part of the fun! I use a GoPro because it's specifically made for adventure!


Don't forget the tunes! Jam out to your favorite music, or make a list of the podcast episode's you've been wanting to listen to. 

Navigation Maps

Get the paper map. When you're on a deserted highway with no cellular service and no access to Google Maps, you'll thank me. 

Travel Cooler

Stop and grab a bag of ice, and fill your cooler with your favorite drinks and chilled snacks. I threw a pack of bologna in my road trip cooler and didn't have to stop for fast food at all. 

Swipe up for more Road Trip Gear!!

Swipe up for more Road Trip Gear!!