The Best Strategies to Avoid Pickpockets While Traveling

Travel is amazing. The world holds so many wonders, and it is such a treasure to be able to experience them.

Poverty can breed crime, and tourists are often an easy target for petty criminals hoping to make a quick buck.

They are skilled thieves whose goal is to steal your belongings without you noticing.

What Are Pickpockets?

A backpack that you wear on your back is a pickpocket’s dream. It is incredibly easy to cut the bottom out of a backpack and steal everything inside.

Don’t Wear a Back-Facing Backpack 

Back pockets are another easy target for pickpockets. Some are skilled enough to take your wallet without you noticing.

Keep Your Back Pockets Empty 

Use The Right Purse 

Now, I generally use my Hip-Klip, which is a cute little purse  that literally clips to your pants.

Use a Wearable Neck Wallet

These are small plastic wallets that you wear around your neck under your clothing. The strap is generally adjustable.