The Best Way To Get Leads with Email Marketing

If you run an online business and are not prioritizing email marketing, you ignore your most valuable growth channel and miss out on revenue opportunities. 

If used effectively, it can be the difference between being a hobby blogger and being a full-time, independent content creator 

Here are the 4 "C's" of email marketing - swipe up for the full report on how to do email marketing and why it matters!

The 4 "C's" of Email Marketing: -Capture - Confirm - Connect -Convert ------->

The first thing you have to do to start building your email list is set up a method for collecting email addresses. Set up a form to let people sign up, and create an enticing lead magnet!


Once someone gives you their email, before you add them to an email campaign, it’s important to send them  an automated email confirming  they want to be on your email list


 Exactly how to connect with your readers depends on who your audience is, but building this relationship is critical to your success.


Once you’ve established a real relationship with your audience, you can start to promote products and services.