The Exorbitant Cost of Having Adventures

My top life goal is to live my life to it’s fullest. I want to have adventures!

The problem is that stuff is expensive. The cost of having adventures is outrageous!

My most recent attempt at having an adventure was learning to SCUBA dive. The world is incredible and vast, but 70% of it is underwater.

My Latest Adventure

Now I either have to buy real SCUBA gear (which can cost close two grand for starter stuff) or rent gear every time I want to dive (at about 80 bucks a day).

SCUBA Adventures

This isn’t just about SCUBA though. All the fun adventurous things I want to do cost boatloads of money!

The Cost of Having Adventures

Unfortunately, these costly adventures don’t jive well with trying to FIRE.

Balancing having adventures with FIRE

Sure, I could spend my life living on a small ranch, growing my own food, and getting enjoyment out of simple things like bike riding and reading, but that’s just not what I want for my life.