The Exorbitant Cost of Having Children

Ok, so I missed one very important reason for being childfree in my last post, and that’s the insane cost of having children.

It’s alright though, I did it on purpose! The exorbitant cost of having children deserves it’s own post.

I mean like, really, really super expensive! According to the latest data, the cost of raising a kid is approximately $233,610.

Kids are expensive!

Childcare costs around $500 per month in Alabama, and almost $1000 in California, on average.


Birthing children is expensive too, and apparently hospitals even charge you to hold your own baby!

Hospital Bills

Kids need stuff too. Lots of stuff. First, they are going to need the basics: food, clothing, diapers etc.

Stuff and Things

I know a lot of people don’t take this into consideration when thinking about the cost of having children, but honestly it was one of my reasons for remaining child free.