The Nine to Five SCAM!

A nine-to-five is a forty hour per week, 8 hour per day, set schedule workweek. 

Although it's better than some other schedule options like shift work, split schedules, and forced part time work, it's still not ideal

Here's why the nine-to-five (and those other horrible scheduling options!) need to be retired!

With commute times and unpaid lunches, the nine-to-five doesn't offer a lot of time for non-work activities

Work Life Balance

With modern advances in technology, we don't always need to be in the office to get our work done


And, technology helps us work faster and be more productive, so we can do more in less time


It's very rare to find someone who will be productive for 8 hours straight. People are most productive for 3-4 hours at a time

Productivity Fails

The Nine-to-Five was a hard fought and won battle, but it's now outdated. We still use it because that's what we're used to, but there are better options

So Why Still Have a Nine-to-Five?