The Power of FU Money and How to Get Some!

FU Money is a non-vulgar (even though everyone knows what we really mean) way of saying we have enough money to not have to deal with the BS  

It’s having enough money that we don’t need to deal with a stressful situation at work. We don’t need to deal with a toxic boss or busy-body coworkers 

We have the power to say "FU! I'm out" Here's what you need to know about FU Money

Everyone needs FU money. Employers have so much power over us because we need our jobs to survive. Wouldn't it be nice to have more options?

Who Needs FU Money?

An emergency fund is for one-time emergencies, whereas FU money is having enough money to sustain yourself comfortably without a job

FU Money vs Emergency Funds

Most of us don't have the freedom to walk away from a toxic work environment. Employers know that and take advantage. Image how much better employees would be treated if they had the power to leave at any time?

The Freedom to Walk

It's different for everyone. Achieving Coast FIRE is a great starting point, then see how much you need to live for a year

How Much FU Money Do I Need?

You can start getting FU money now! Start saving, investing, paying off debt, and getting your financial life in order!

How Do I Start?

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