The Real Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is real. Women, on average, make 82% of what men make. This is data taken directly from census data. 

Gender Pay Gap When You Control for Job Title

Women with the same jobs, titles, and qualifications as men make nearly what men make, at 98 cents per dollar.  This is the statistic that many will point to when denying the gender pay gap, but a single statistic never tells the entire story.  ------------>

That statistic ignores the reality that it's far more difficult for women to obtain these positions. 

Women are forced into lower-paying professions, women have no option but to exit the workforce or take flexible jobs in order to afford childcare, and so-called “woman’s professions” are deemed less important than men’s professions. 

How Society Holds Women Back

Women are held back because there is still the expectation that they will do the majority of the childcare. 


Childcare at home is unpaid, but the cost of paying for childcare is often prohibitively expense. Not only that, but childcare workers, who are predominately female, are often underpaid, even as childcare costs continue to rise. 

Women's Work holds less value

Jobs that are predominately held by women pay less than jobs that are held by men. The shift in pay is noticeable if you watch the industry shift from men to women over time. Teachers and nurses are notoriously underpaid. 

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