The Top 10 Most Famous Paintings Ever!

Art is Everywhere

Some paintings are so ingrained in our cultural iconography that we see them displayed in pop culture and don’t always know there’s a famous painting behind it. 

Household Names

Other works are household names that even the most disinterested in art could recognize. 

The Most Famous Paintings

Here are 10 of the most famous paintings of all time - based on parodies, importance, and cultural recognition!

Son of Man

This surrealist painting features an image of a dapper man wearing a business suit with an apple in front of his face   

Las Meninas 

The central figure of the painting is Margaret Theresa, then age 5, daughter of King Philippe IV 

Girl With a Pearl Earring

The painting depicts a young girl wearing an orange-tinted dress and blue turban, with the namesake pearl earring dangling from an ear. 

Madame X

Madame X is wildly regarded as Sargent’s best work. It depicts Madame Pierre Gautreau, an American socialite in Paris 

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