The Top 5 Most Famous Painters of All Time

Art is a means of communicating a visual message from one era to the next and has been appreciated by historians, art lovers, and regular people alike. 

Partners in Fire conducted a survey to determine who really is the most famous painter of all time! 

It's no surprise that Leonardo Da Vinci tops the list of famous artists!

The Most Famous Painters

Leonardo Da Vinci is the most well-known Renaissance painter and one of the most famous artists of all time. His masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, is on display at the Louvre in Paris

Leonardo Da Vinci

It is surprising that people in their 30s were more likely to choose Picasso than anyone else.

Picasso loved by people in their 30s

Picasso is a founder of Cubism. This style takes a subject and cuts it up into squares, then rearranges the squares in new and unexpected ways


Van Gogh placed 3rd in our survey of most famous artists of all time.

Van Gogh