The Top Christmas Toys from the Year you were Born!

Toy Shopping

Toy shopping has transformed over the past 100 years due to advancements in the products or the marketplace 


Stacker searched for products from 1920 to today that caught hold of the public zeitgeis curated using national toy archives and data curated by The Strong National Museum of Play. 

1920 - Raggedy Ann doll

Facebook gaming is Twitch’s biggest competitor now that it merged with Mixer. The biggest limitation is that it takes a lot to monetize.   

1930: Mickey Mouse doll

In 1928, Disney unveiled a short animated film called “Steamboat Willie,” and audiences everywhere fell in love with a mouse named Mickey 

1940: Red Ryder BB Gun

Perhaps the most famous BB gun of all time, the Red Ryder BB Gun was modeled after Winchester rifles 

1950: Magic 8 Ball 

The Magic 8 Ball was inspired by the Syco-Seer, a cylindrical crystal ball with two dice inside of it  

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