The Truth About Witches and Witchcraft

Yes! However, they aren’t what pop culture and history would have you believe 

Are Witches Real?

Witches are normal people who practice witchcraft, a spiritual path that incorporates the use of magic and ritual. 

What Are Witches?

True Nature of Witches

Witches are wise people who use magic and nature to aid in their spiritual devotion and practice. Witches are practitioners of the magical arts 

What is Magic?

The goal of magic is to manipulate your environment for a desired outcome George Romero’s first feature film created the zombie genre as we know it.

Many medieval witches were healers, medicine women, leaders, and helpers 

The Truth Behind Witchcraft

Modern-day witches use the craft to channel their inner energies and manifest positive outcomes for their lives 

The Truth Behind Witchcraft

The history of witchcraft and the oppression of witches is rooted in misogyny 

Witches and Misogyny

Powerful women were considered dangerous and rebranded as witches for daring to speak their minds.  

Witches and Misogyny

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