The Worst Financial Mistake of My Life

It’s hard to be transparent, even with strangers on the internet. So it’s hard to discuss the worst financial mistake of my life. 

It’s not something you would typically hear. I didn’t buy a house in the bubble, charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to my credit cards, or lose big in a casino.  

I lost big in love, and it cost me a ton of money, stress, and emotional turmoil 

The worst financial mistake of my life was getting involved with an alcoholic and staying with that alcoholic for over five years.

What was the worst financial mistake of my life?

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was in a financially abusive situation. He emotionally abused me, gaslit me, and manipulated me to gain and maintain access to my resources.

Financial Abuse

I didn’t move Jonathan in with me to have a relationship with him. He was an old friend who was going through a tough time, and I thought I could help him get back on his feet by giving him a place to stay far from his hometown.

Starting at the Beginning 

Eventually, our living together turned into a relationship. I did care about him, so much. Maybe that is why I turned a blind eye to the alcoholism at first.

Relationship Starts

Jonathan didn’t work for the first few years we were together. I paid for all of the bills and our living expenses, and I even supported his beer habit. But he always had an excuse.

My first mistake

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